7th JUNE ends 31st JULY

Artists’ Statement : Joyce Dempsey & Maryann Jenkins

“Beauty Rich and Rare”

For us as artists, this title encompasses most of the subject matter for our creativity.

We interpret the “beauty” as our Australian landscape with its colourful mountains, deserts, oceans and rivers.

The Australian native bush is as diverse in colour as it is in foliage. Our eucalyptus are unique.

The “rich” describes our historical cultural sites such as rock formations in the Grampians, the monolithic Ayer’s Rock, and our forever meandering waterways which feed our agricultural land.

The “rare” can depict our native flora and fauna. Rarity also describes some of the “quirky” artistic treatment of our local birds and animals. This humorous interpretation makes attractive subject matter and appeals to the viewer.

Artwork is a wonderful way to record and appreciate subjects which illustrate “Beauty, Rich and Rare”.

We are pleased to exhibit our artwork at the Kyabram Town Hall Gallery


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