Sue de Vanny

15 March – 30 April


Sue de Vanny

The diversity of her work makes Sue de Vanny an exciting presence in the world of art and textiles. From the award-winning, extremely fine brush strokes required to do re-paints on fashion dolls to watercolour landscapes, portraiture, fine photography, dress, bag making, elaborate stitching and textile art there is no end to her creative abilities.

Recently her passion for fabric-based art has blossomed and it is exciting to see the transition of her art principles of painting and perspective being introduced to fabric. Sue creates pieces that have perspective in a painterly fashion, with her expert use of light, shadows and beautiful thread work giving extra texture and dimension. Fabric painting, dyeing, stamping, stitching, and the use of embellishments are what makes her works pop.

It is the meld of her talents that is really interesting as some of her current exhibits display multiple mediums. Where this will end as her confidence grows is really fascinating as those professionally involved in dealing in Susan’s creativity are constantly surprised by the shine in her work.



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