PETE CONROY exhibiting at the hall from 6th JUNE -30TH  JULY


Pete Conroy creates portraits with a difference. He likes to paint people in a way that there is as much interest in the way it was painted as interest in the model itself.

Pete exaggerates peoples features onto the canvas, then applies paint to bring them back to reality.  Some  images remain too cartoony, sometimes he brings them back too far and they’re too realistic. But others have one foot in each category a classically painted portrait with a twist.

Pete studied fine art at The University of Huddersfield in the Uk and worked as an artist in the North of England. He then moved to Australia and received his Masters of Fine Art from the University of Sydney. 

Pete has exhibited in art galleries across the UK as well as NSW and Victoria and has sold paintings all over the world. After a nasty surfing accident left him a high functioning quadriplegic he decided to follow what pursuit meant the most to him and had a crack at making painting a full time career.

He spends many days in a hot shed in rural Victoria painting away. He focuses mainly on portraits and the human figure. Sometimes making political cartoons about how much he hate politics.


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