Splinters Contemporary Artists







A group exhibition by Splinter Contemporary Artists  

Nov 6th till Feb 5th 2018

By definition, our art is a dynamic combination of materials and methods, with endless possibilities of concepts and subjects, many of which challenge traditional boundaries and often defy simple explanation.

Paradoxically, having endless options to choose from can in itself be overwhelming and actually stifle creativity. Therefore by setting parameters for ourselves we can start thinking creatively without getting lost in the wilderness of possibilities.

To that end, Splinter exhibitions follow a brief which is designed to awaken surges of creative juices in some whilst leaving other members uncomfortable and challenged.

This exhibition, whilst simple in concept is no exception.

ART SQUARED: produce a 2D or 3D piece confined within a square boundary of 60cms x 60cms

Mixed media artist and curator of Art Squared, Amanda Hocking commented “Personally I strongly dislike working inside a square. Both physically and metaphorically!  However, feeling uncomfortable is the sign that you are pushing boundaries and that is what contemporary artists do.”

Splinter Artists invite you to enjoy this latest and diverse exhibition.

Kyabram Town Hall, 199 Allan Street, Kyabram

10am – 4pm Mon – Sat.

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