Splinters Contemporary Artists


This exhibition celebrates art made by women. It examines the ways women artists see their world and it gives insight into the creative power of art. Some Splinter artists are exploring their interpretation of the world today while others are paying homage to other women in the world of art.

The artists were thrilled to collaborate with Kyabram Town Hall Writers in the creation of their book ‘Celebrating Women’. In a crossing-over between art forms, the writers chose art works to stimulate their writing pieces and the wonderful results can be enjoyed in the book.  ‘Celebrating Women’ is now available for purchase at the front desk.  All art works are also for sale.



This title is a command or demand of both artist and viewer.

The creator of an artwork is often motivated by thoughts or feelings. How or why the artist uses a particular method or sensory tool to make a piece of art is as individual as the myriad of techniques and motivations available. Art can be stimulating for the viewer, a prequel to a thought process and an invitation to follow a pathway that has been constructed by the artist. The wonder of visual art is that there is always room to deviate from the pathway, opening up a new level of perception.



Lockdown/ Look Up embraces where our recent work came from and it celebrates the emergence of our art.  During the pandemic there was uncertainty and fear.  For some, this experience changed us as artists and as people.  Our working methods changed and our thought processes changed.

But even in the dark days, we could take heart as nature blossomed.  As humans retreated, as industry and travel diminished, skies were cleaner, waters were cleaner.  Animals and birds emerged even onto city streets. A sense of wonder enlivened our souls.

As we move towards a new normal, our experiences have highlighted what we want to continue doing, being, thinking and saying, into the future.



  • PARAMETER Splinter Contemporary Artists: 4 FEB- 16 APRIL 

  • Feb

    ‘Cacophony’ by Amanda Hocking will be part of our upcoming exhibition, Parameter, opening on February 4. See this, and many other works by local artists, at the Kyabram Town Hall gallery.




SHARE IF YOU AGREE 5th Nov 2019 – 1st Feb 2020











A group exhibition by Splinter Contemporary Artists  

Nov 6th till Feb 5th 2018

By definition, our art is a dynamic combination of materials and methods, with endless possibilities of concepts and subjects, many of which challenge traditional boundaries and often defy simple explanation.

Paradoxically, having endless options to choose from can in itself be overwhelming and actually stifle creativity. Therefore by setting parameters for ourselves we can start thinking creatively without getting lost in the wilderness of possibilities.

To that end, Splinter exhibitions follow a brief which is designed to awaken surges of creative juices in some whilst leaving other members uncomfortable and challenged.

This exhibition, whilst simple in concept is no exception.

ART SQUARED: produce a 2D or 3D piece confined within a square boundary of 60cms x 60cms

Mixed media artist and curator of Art Squared, Amanda Hocking commented “Personally I strongly dislike working inside a square. Both physically and metaphorically!  However, feeling uncomfortable is the sign that you are pushing boundaries and that is what contemporary artists do.”

Splinter Artists invite you to enjoy this latest and diverse exhibition.

Kyabram Town Hall, 199 Allan Street, Kyabram

10am – 4pm Mon – Sat.

Find Splinter Contemporary Artists on facebook.